Review of "Flight of the Song Glider" CD

A Review of 'Flight of the Song Glider'
Doug Carroll
"Flight of the Song Glider" by Andrew J. Douglas is an electronic music journey rich in melody and sensuous timbres.  The opening track features the peaceful serenity of 'Mind Rest' which unfolds into the upbeat rhythm of 'Distant Signals'.  Traces of Vangelis and Kraftwerk are transformed into a distinctively original sound that is all the composer/performer's own.  'Midnight on a Calm Sea' draws the listener into a soothing world that is always changing, yet always remaining the same. The super SciFi sounds of 'Next Galaxy' make effective use of ring modulation in its travels to new worlds.  'Deep in the Desert' offers a synthesizer ostinato ornamented by electronic piano.  The title cut,  'Flight of the Song Glider' explores distant worlds with a persistent computerized rhythm intermingled with exotic melodies.  'Analog Blog Land' does remind one of the old Arp and Moog days and the birth of synthesis but with a modern twist.  'Deep Sea Pressure' is a rollicking and frolicking vista of an unknown world complete with surprises and new life forms.  'Soaring Through the Clouds' could easily accompany a NASA mission to Mars and beyond.  'Slow Stream' returns to a more meditative sound.  Is this what alien church music sounds like?  'Warm Days Ahead' reveals the happiness of youth on a summer day.  'Alien Landing Crafts' takes the listener to the furthest reaches of our galaxy and into the next.  'The final track, 'The Journey Inward' is perhaps my favorite.  If Mozart had a synthesizer, it might sound like this.  Overall,  'Flight of the Song Glider' is an innovative and thoughtful excursion into new sonic vistas.  The CD utilizes the latest in electronic synthesis while at the same time retaining elements of pop and classical melody, arrangement, and composition.
"Flight of the Song Glider" by Andrew J. Douglas, 2016 on Jennica Records

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