Song list for "Encoded Melodies" album 

# Song Title Length # Song Title Length 1 African Nostalgia 2:37   31 Prog Station 2:18   2 Alter Venus 5:01   32 Rainfall in Bama 3:15   3 Arp Sounds 2:20   33 Repetitive Rhino 4:52   4 Asian Rub Dub 3:22   34 Rock the Crock 3:30   5 August Heat Treat 6:02   35 Rood Drops to Ground 3:09   6 Autumn Bell Tales 5:43   36 Secret Channel 4:09   7 Back to Work Again 3:28   37 Seventeen Miles to Go 5:36   8 Brown Pastures 3:01   38 Short Hike Back 2:25   9 Circus 328 3:17   39 …Read more

Keyboards and Devices Used 

            Keyboards used: 

1. Korg Karma

2. Roland JP-8000

3. Korg MS-2000

4. Yamaha DX-21

5. Roland Gaia Sh-01

6. Korg Minilogue 

            Devices used:

Boss Loop Station

Korg SQ-1 Sequencer

Boss Digital Delay

DOD Digital Effects System

Various Pedals

Lexicon Omega Interface

MidiSport 4x4

Review of "Flight of the Song Glider" CD 

A Review of 'Flight of the Song Glider' Doug Carroll 2016 "Flight of the Song Glider" by Andrew J. Douglas is an electronic music journey rich in melody and sensuous timbres.  The opening track features the peaceful serenity of 'Mind Rest' which unfolds into the upbeat rhythm of 'Distant Signals'.  Traces of Vangelis and Kraftwerk are transformed into a distinctively original sound that is all the composer/performer's own.  'Midnight on a Calm Sea' draws the listener into a soothing world that is always…

Review of "Peace Be Here" CD 

Andrew Douglas – “Peace Be Here” (Jennica Records, 2012) April 10, 2013 Aural Innovations 

A native of Birmingham, Alabama, Andrew Douglas bought his first Moog synthesizer at age 20, having picked up his first musical instrument – a banjo – at the age of twelve. With a background in both rock and classical music, he formed the bass and keyboards trio Dreamwind (still nominally going after having lost their studio in 2009 due to the economic downturn), and at the ripe young age of 60 has released his…

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