Andrew J Douglas


How to Self Produce a Music CD For Around $500   
  Steps Where Notes
1 Record 12 - 15 songs Home Studio Choose a market-niche
2 Get the CD Mastered CD Baby, Local Studio, Disk Maker Levels adjusted, space, titles
3 Copyright the CD Library of Congress Copyright Office SR - Sound Recording (or Perf Arts) $85/Paper
4 Design a Cover Home or Outsource 2-side, 3-side - 4 side/CD Label - Jewel Case
5 Duplicating the CD CD Baby, Local Studio, Disk Maker 100 copies = approx $500-$700 
6 Extras UPC Bar Code, Shrink Wrap, ISRC Cost extra but worth it (ISRC - free)
7 Promote Promote on-line, at gigs ReverbNation, Facebook,Soundcloud, Jango
      Live 365, Pandora, Radio Airplay, N1M, Last FM
8 Sell Sell on-line, at gigs, music stores Cd Baby, Card Swipe on I-Phone
      Tune Core
9 Create Website HostBaby $20/month - Links to CDBaby
10 Notes CDBaby keeps $4.00/CD  
    I-Tunes and Amazon tied in to CDBaby  
    BMI, ASCAP, Sound Exchange  
    Avoid Artist PR  
    Cover songs - Limelight  
    Legal Line - Copyright Year