Andrew J Douglas


Andrew J Douglas


Andrew played with the band Dreamwind in the 2000’s.  They produced seven CDs through 2001 – 2009.  The band disbanded in 2010.  Andrew then built his own recording studio in 2011 and started recording music.  

Andrew has a Yamaha DX-21, Korg Karma, Korg MS-2000, Roland Gaia SH-01, Roland JP-8000 and Korg Minilogue as well as various devices.  He recorded “Peace Be Here” in 2012, “Blossom River” in 2014 and now “Flight of the Song Glider” in 2016. These CDs can be purchased on   His latest album "The Voyage of Cassini" was produced in 2017 and can be purchased at Synth Music Direct.   

BTW - Now you can ask Alexa to play the album "Peace Be Here" on Echo Dot.  

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